An alleged Lagos-based g@y man has revealed popular Nigerian actor, Alex Ekubo belongs to the g@y community.

This came shortly after his ex-fiance, Fancy Alubo made a shocking revelation that Alex did not sleep with her for 5 months.

Fancy revealed that Alex did not sleep with her for 5 months and could not also perform well after a foreign woman paid him for s3x.

After the revelation, people began to question Alex’s s3xuality and here a g@y man has accused Alex of being one of their members.

In the audio he said…“Even my community here is Lagos have a problem with Alexx, I mean dude we know about you, you’re in our community, we know who you dated, we know your ex, we have seen you in our get-togethers.

“Why are you doing this, if you agree with this girl, which once again I still disagree with if you are not straight marrying a straight girl but if you decided that is what you want to do, you two decided that’s what you want to do, won’t you do this stuff quietly?

Listen to the audio below…

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