Apostle Suleman replies Witches who challenged him to cure COVID-19 patients

The General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman has responded after Leo Igwe, the director of Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AFAW), challenged him to treat just one COVID-19 patient and get a reward of $1,000.

Igwe, who holds a doctoral degree in religious studies from the University of Bayreuth, wrote in an open letter to Suleman:

I am challenging the founder of Omega Ministries, Apostle Suleman, to demonstrate his so-called gift of healing under agreed medical and scientific conditions. I ask Suleman to heal a person with a confirmed case of COVID-19 and get a thousand US dollars.

“This challenge has become necessary because Apostle Suleman has in a recent video urged the government of Nigeria to allow him and other pastors with the gift of healing into the isolation centers so that they could pray and heal those who have been infected by the virus.”

Apostle Suleman took to Twitter to respond to Leo Igwe’s challenge. He wrote:

“A certain Leo igwe says I should heal covid19 and get a 1000 dollars..I will send you the details of those already healed.. so you can investigate.. I am not the healer, God is…to mention 1000 dollars, shows you are broke and poor..keep it..you need the money than me..”

See screenshot of his tweets below;

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