Arsene Wenger plans to return to Arsenal

Arsenal former manager, Arsene Wenger has revealed his plan to return to his former club, Arsenal.

Wenger says he is ready to return to the club ‘one day’ after losing his footing since leaving the Emirates two years ago.

The ex-Arsenal boss, Wenger, 70, stepped down in May 2018 after helping the Gunners win three Premier League titles and seven FA Cups in his 22 years at the club.

He has been invited but says it would be better to take his foot off the club altogether after he leaves.

I thought it’s better to follow from a distance,” he told The Times.

Wenger said he did not know why he had not been offered a position at Arsenal but said he would accept it if given the chance.

I always said I would still play a part in the club, but I could understand that at the start it’s better that we take a complete distance,” he said.

Wenger has previously said he wants to return to coaching in early 2019 but instead has accepted the position given to him by FIFA in November 2019 as president of world football development.

Now Wenger says he is unsure whether he will return to coaching.

“”For 40 years I did only that every day in my life,” he said. “[Now I am] making some sport. Visiting my family and friends. Holidays. Reading a lot. Enjoying life but in a sensible way, because I’m a little bit drilled by 30, 40 years of discipline, you know?

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