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#BBNaija: LOVE!!! Ozo serves Nengi breakfast in bed (Watch Video)


#BBNaija: LOVE!!! Ozo serves Nengi breakfast in bed (Watch Video)

The love drama between Big Brother housemates, Ozo and Nengi continues to unfold and grow stronger.

The Ozone ship served us some couple goals today after captain Ozo was spotted serving his queen Nengi special breakfast in bed.

Ozo serves Nengi breakfast

Ozo headed to Nengi’s bed very early in the morning while she was still deeply asleep, only for her to rise to her Mr. handsome holding out breakfast right to her face. “Good morning, how was your night?”, he greeted and asked.



Nengi stretched out her hands and collected her freshly served breakfast.

Ozo wasted no time as he quickly took his leave while Nengi smiled and stared into the doorway as he walked away.



Regardless of several storms that have rocked their ship, the handsome and pretty duo have their tools in place and have ensured the ship doesn’t get wrecked.

Watch short video below:


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