“Don’t ignore hungry people, if you can’t feed thousands feed hundreds or less” – Naira Marley

Nigerian singer and Marlians nation president, Naira Marley has urged all his followers to help the less privileged with as little as they can.

Naira Marley queried as to how possible it is for people to ignore the suffering of others without feeling compassionate or sympathetic.

The rapper advised that whoever is in a position to feed a thousand people, should endeavour to do so, however if they can’t do that then feeding a hundred people would suffice. He also added that if the latter part would also be a challenge then the person or persons can just feed one person.

He wrote;
How can u ignore the suffering of others?
“If u can’t feed A thousand people, feed A hundred people.
“If u can’t feed A hundred people, feed just one.

See his post below;


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