In-demand Jobs in Canada for International Students

Canada is a beautiful country with many natural wonders and opportunities. A visit to this country quickly becomes one of the best experiences in life, not only because of the stunning landscapes and friendly people but also because it offers an opportunity for international students to work abroad. Whether you are looking to work as a volunteer or you are looking for a job as well, here are some job opportunities that may help you find your way out of your current situation and into one that will make your dreams come true.

Please note: This list is not meant to be all-inclusive or exhaustive. It is simply a list of some of the more common opportunities for international students to work in Canada.

Most Demanded Jobs in Canada for International Students

Here is a list of some of the most demanded jobs in Canada for international students:

1. Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL):

It is obvious that if you know English, you can get a good teaching job in Canada. You may teach either in public or private schools and there are no restrictions on your visa. To get certified with TESL Canada, you need to have completed at least one year of full-time post-secondary studies (or be working towards such) along with at least two years of relevant work experience and qualify for registration with a provincial professional association.

2. Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM):

This field requires at least a bachelor’s degree and experience in the industry is more important than education. It is ideal for graduate students. It also requires you to be able to speak¬† English or French fluently. You will need to work for 2 years in order to get TESL Canada Certification.

3. Marketing and PR:

There is always a demand for marketing/PR professionals especially now that social media has taken over the world! They are highly valued in business so there is a great possibility of you getting hired with great salaries. You will have no problems finding suitable work either because there are many companies or organizations that actively recruit them especially those involved with sports, entertainment, fashion, etc.

4. Accounting:

It requires a first degree or experience to work as a student in this sector. You may either have an internal or external specialization. Internal accountancy means that you will be working in a company as an accountant whereas external accountancy refers to working in a firm that provides accounting services to other businesses. However, if you are looking to work as an auditor then you must have experience in the field first before you can qualify as one.

5. Animation and Visual Effects:

This profession is slowly gaining popularity among students worldwide due to its ability to help them develop 3D computer models, animation and special effects in movies and television shows.

6. Construction:

This is a great choice for international students because not only are you allowed to work in Canada, but you also get to choose where you want to work. Of course, you might be needing experience in the field before starting any sort of job.

7. Computer Programming:

This is a lucrative field in Canada so there is always a demand for computer programmers and if you have experience, then it does not take long for you to find a job and start earning some good money!

8. Social Work:

It primarily deals with helping other people and the best part about this profession is that it doesn’t require any special skills other than empathy and sensitivity.

9. IT-Software Software:

This industry is always expanding in Canada and there are many companies who actively look for IT-enabled staff to help them develop new programs or work on older ones.

10. Sound Engineering:

With all the technology that we have these days, it is not difficult to find yourself in a workplace environment where you can be involved with sound engineering as a part of your job description.

11. Sport:

With so many sports clubs and organizations in Canada, it is easy to find a career as a sports coach or an athlete.

12. Retail Management:

This field offers you the opportunity to work with fashion brands such as Nike or Adidas in retail stores.

13. Transportation and Logistics:

This is one of the best areas for international students because they get to choose where they want to work in and it comes with great flexibility including which days of their own choice if they are employed.

14. Real Estate:

In Canada, the real estate sector is one of the most successful ones and you can easily get a job when you have the right qualifications that permit you to do so.

15. Tourism:

This field encompasses all the aspects of promoting and enhancing tourism in Canada. This can be done through mass media such as television, print, outdoor media, or the internet. 

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