Working While Studying in Canada

Working in Canada comes with a lot of benefits, and it is even more beneficial for students who come here. International students are given a good opportunity to gain much-needed experience as they are permitted to work while still in school.

The Canadian government tries to make life easy for all students, which is why they have relaxed rules for students who would want to work and earn some cash while still actively enrolled in a course program. Not many countries in the world allow students such freedom, but the Canadian government understands the need for students to gain Canadian working experience which would be key to obtaining a permanent residence permit in the country.

There are lots of jobs in Canada for international students, however, there are restrictions on who you can work for, the number of hours you can work in a week, and generally the place you are allowed to work. International students are allowed to take up any type of job within the campus without requiring a work permit. But for jobs located outside the school, you would require a special work permit.

The number of hours a student is permitted to work in Canada does not exceed 20hours during academic sections and you can work more hours during the holiday periods. The most favorite jobs available to students are part-time jobs which can be found within or outside the school campus. As a student, you can also work for any employer, however, your employer must not reside outside the region where you live.

Benefits of Working While Studying in Canada

Students who wish to make extra bucks while studying can look for part-time jobs that suit their tastes. However, students must ensure they apply for jobs that would allow them time for their studies.

One of the most important benefits for students to work while studying is to gain some working experience. With Canadian work experience, students can hold their heads high in any labor market and also stand out from the crowd. Because one of the requirements to become a permanent resident in Canada is having Canadian work experience, working while studying can help boost your dreams to remain in Canada as a permanent resident.

Having a Canadian work experience improves your chance with Canadian employers. After you graduate and you go job hunting, you soon discover that one thing that employers look out for is an employee with some working experience. Applicants with at least one year of work experience are given more preferences during a job search.

Different ways students can work while studying in Canada

  • Applying for On-campus work
  • Applying for Off-campus work
  • Applying for Co-op placements
  • Students Internships

Off-Campus Work

Working off-campus will require you to work:

  • As a co-op student
  • As an intern
  • Part-time with a private business or government department
  • Full-time with a private business or government department

On-Campus Work

For students who are attending universities that have more than one campus, you will only be allowed to work in one campus that is the place where you are currently studying.

Students who are working as research or teacher assistants may be eligible to work at a library, hospital, or research center that is part of the college or university even if they are not located within the campus.

Co-op Placement

  • The student must have a valid study permit.
  • As a part of this study program, working is required.
  • The student is nominated or has a letter from their school confirming that all students in the program have actively completed work placements to obtain their degree.
  • The co-op or internship makes up 50% or less of the total program of study.
  • The program that the student intends to undertake must not have an English/French as a second language course, a general interest course, or courses to prepare for another study program.


As an intern, you mostly undergo on-the-job training under the supervision of senior employees at the firm. You gain more knowledge, experience, and skills working as an intern in a related field.

Students can apply for a full-time job during school breaks like the winter and summer holidays or spring break. And after you graduate, you have the opportunity to work In Canada with a graduate work permit.

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