In-demand Skilled Jobs in Canada for Foreigners

Skilled jobs in the Canadian industry are set to increase in demand by 2023. With this, opportunities for foreign workers are greatly increasing, and there is a high demand for skilled labor across the country that is not being met with domestic workers.

As the Canadian immigration plan changes to favor skilled immigrants over family and refugee applicants, many employers need foreign workers on a permanent or temporary basis who have at least a high school diploma or equivalent. The job opportunities will be mainly focused on management occupations and computer-related fields.

These jobs don’t just fall into the hands of anyone with an education- it requires hard work and extensive training in specific fields which foreigners will need to go through an application process before they can even gain employment.

So, if you are intending to settle in Canada, it is the perfect time to move to Canada with good prospects. More than 15,000 ITAs has been issued so far in 2021, so it is actually a perfect time to move to a country where you can build your career and benefit from the high standard of living.

Canada has one of the most secured economies in the world, and there are lots of jobs in demand in Canada to aid immigrants to settle in the country. To benefit from these opportunities, you are required to evaluate the jobs in demand in Canada for immigration and select a suitable profession based on your credentials. The Canadian industry is growing massively, the demand for trained and skilled workers is steadily rising.

In-demand Skilled Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

Below is a list of some common job roles in Canadian industry that employers tend to hire foreign workers for:

  1. Computer Specialist:

Computer specialists are people who make computer systems work and think. They are able to install or repair computer systems and diagnose problems with those systems.

  1. Accountants:

Accountants are responsible for spending the money wisely and accurately, analyzing it in detail, and passing this information to employees who also have accounts or records of their own. They’re also responsible for making sure that the reports they make are legally accurate and up-to-date. [Note: Some of the educational requirements for this position include a bachelor’s or higher degree]

  1. Human Resource Specialists:

Human resource specialists are responsible for overseeing the health of the company’s employees. They do this by monitoring attendance, coordinating training, and planning events and activities for employees.

  1. Financial Advisors:

Financial advisors are responsible for providing advice regarding finances to individuals or companies making investments. They’re also responsible for handling transactions and transferring money between other financial institutions or investors.

  1. Computer Systems Analysts:

Computer systems analysts make software applications work better by studying how they’re being used and then make changes based on that study. They also make sure that applications don’t cause conflicts with each other and study ways to make the software faster or more efficient.

Other in-demand skill jobs in Canada for immigrants are:

  • Sales Representative
  • Engineering Project Manager
  • IT Project Manager
  • Accounts Manager
  • Software Engineer
  • Recruitment specialist
  • Nurses
  • Software engineer
  • Pharmacist

The Canadian Council on Learning has said that Canada’s labor market is consistently needing more immigrants who are highly skilled with post-secondary education credentials such as those who can instruct others, teach lawyers to be, do research on difficult problems, etc.

With Canada’s labor market still being in recession, there is simply a lack of those skilled workers with the education credentials sought after by employers. In fact, the Canadian immigration plan has recently changed from being more selective about who to let immigrate to Canada to being more open to immigrants on a permanent basis who have at least a bachelor’s degree or higher, especially for management positions.

Canada’s immigration plans are going through changes and are going towards increasingly favoring highly educated professionals above less educated professionals. This is due to the fact that there has been a lack of skilled workers in Canada’s labor market to meet the demands of employers who need them. In fact, Canada’s immigrant investor program is temporarily closed and they are looking at other ways to let immigrants into the country. Even with this, the Canadian industry still needs willing foreign workers to fill in positions requiring skilled professionals.


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