Major Reasons Why International Students Migrate to Study in Canada

It is estimated that international students studying in Canada contribute over $5.7 billion each year to the national economy and create approximately 90,000 direct and indirect (migrant) jobs. International students make up approximately 40 percent of the total degree-seeking population in Canada and they play an important role in funding post-secondary education across this country.

International students continue to be one of the fastest-growing segments of Canada’s international student population. In 2020, the number of international students studying in Canada is expected to reach 1,878,900 and surpass that of 2017’s 1,782,800 by the end of 2021.

Canada has been a destination for international students for decades because it has numerous features making it an ideal place to live and study: easy travel connections around North America via air or train; low tuition rates; affordable housing; welcoming and appreciative people; English as the primary language; and a developed economy with an emphasis on innovation.

While the reasons why international students migrate to study in Canada may be varied, there are some common reasons that crop up time and again.

Reasons Why International Students Migrate to Study in Canada

Below is a list of the top reasons why international students migrate to study in Canada.

1: English language

One of the main reasons why international students migrate to study in Canada is for English language training. Many students immigrate to Canada because they see it as a stepping-stone on the way to another destination like the United Kingdom (UK), United States (US), or Australia (AU). The reason behind this migration pattern is that many people believe that these secondary destinations offer them better job opportunities than their home countries.

Since English is the primary language in Canada, it becomes quite easy for these migrants to live and study in Canada. The second reason why international students migrate to Canada is that they believe that Canadian universities offer a better quality of education than their home countries.

In Canada, the focus of most universities is on excellence in research rather than on numbers of graduates, so they have a stronger emphasis on research outputs rather than on enrolled students. This gives international students a greater chance at advancing their career prospects due to excellent job placement rates for graduates from Canadian universities.

Consequently, Canadian universities not only attract international students from those countries where English is an official language but also from those where English is the first language. In Canada, more than 40% of foreign students are from Asia and the Pacific. In comparison, about 18% of foreign students in the United Kingdom (UK) are from Asian and Pacific countries. There are a number of reasons why international students migrate to Canada to study, but English will always be a major reason.

2: Career prospects

Canada has a highly skilled workforce with many job opportunities available to qualified applicants. As a result of this highly skilled workforce, employers have been known to pay higher salaries for job applicants from Canada. It is common knowledge that studying abroad can also help international students move up the career ladder in their home countries, and Canada is no different. Studying in Canada helps international students become more competitive when it comes to getting a job in their home country.

3: Cost of education

Canada provides the best value for money when compared to other destinations for international students. The cost of education might seem high but can’t be compared to the cost of studying in the United States or the UK.

Canadian universities are especially attractive to international students because they offer a high quality of education at a far lower cost than most other countries. Canada offers some of the best programs in Engineering, Management, Education, Science, Arts, and Humanities.

4: Visa requirements

It is very easy for international students to migrate to Canada for academic purposes. A student visa is issued with just one application. There are no additional requirements for this application, but the evaluation process is rather detailed and time-consuming.
There are two types of student visas for academics: the study permit and the visitor’s visa with an extended period of time allotted for study purposes only.

However, both of these visas are issued free to international students. Canada now has the Low-Skill Worker Program that offers express processing of the study permit application for temporary workers coming to Canada for work. This also applies to international students who qualify for this visa.

The only requirement to qualify for these visas is that applicants must enroll in a full-time academic program at a university, college, or university center in Canada. These students do not need any prior experience or qualifications before applying. They just need an application and proof of funds and proof of admission from their home country educational institutions.

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