The Best Cities to Live in Canada

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Canada is a rich country with a large variety of climates and people, and increasingly the population has been moving to the cities. From being more productive as an employee to living in larger buildings, it makes sense that many people are drawn to Canada’s urban areas. With that said, we compiled a list of the best cities for you to live in Canada today!

Canada has different climate zones which all serve as something special about their overall quality. One major benefit of this is that these climates tend to be very conducive towards the growing seasons, which means they are often much less expensive than their rural counterparts. This saves people a lot of money on their food bills, and it also means that the city has a great variety to choose from. Whether you like to grow tomatoes or prefer basil, you have the option to get it from your own backyard.

All of which is the product of Canada’s large population movement into urban areas. In fact, Canada boasts the 17th most populous urban area in the world with over 10 million people! This is primarily down to cities like Toronto and Montreal, which have been growing for many years. The cost of living in these cities is rising because there are so many people moving in making them some of Canada’s most expensive cities.

However, not all of Canada’s cities are booming.  Montreal, for example, is one of only two cities in Canada to see a decrease in population over the last twelve months! It is also the country’s second most expensive city behind Vancouver. We also recently ranked Montreal at number 68 for the best places to live in Canada.

To determine where Canada’s best cities are right now, we looked at the size and price of real estate along with each city’s quality of living. This was then compared against each city’s growth trend and lower than average crime rates to determine where you would be happiest living in a variety of climates and environments.

As with most things, you get what you pay for. For example, if a city has a very low quality of living and a high crime rate it is generally going to be much more expensive than one of the country’s best places to live.

The Best Cities to Live in Canada

  1. Ottawa (Population: 743,700) The capital of Canada has been consistently ranked for its quality of life and low crime rates. It is also one of the country’s most beautiful cities to be in!
  2. Victoria (Population: 85,500) The capital city of British Columbia has seen a rise in the number of tourists visiting over the last few years. This has helped boost the local economy and sustain its growing population.
  3. Burlington (Population: 65,260) A city in Ontario with great accessibility to Toronto, this city has a lot to offer for businesses looking to relocate or expand.
  4. Calgary (Population: 1,239,220) The largest city in Alberta is a growing economic hub with a strong job market and some of Canada’s most famous sporting teams like the Toronto Raptors!
  5.   Saskatoon (Population: 275,000) One of the fastest-growing cities in Canada, this city is a great choice for anyone looking to start their own business and is looking at expansion.
  6. Toronto (Population: 2,731,571) Regarded as one of the best cities on earth to live in and with a population that could grow to over 8 million people by 2031, this is one of Canada’s top cities to be purchasing property in.
  7. Kelowna (Population: 117,750) This city has been growing steadily for many years now and is close to world-famous ski resorts in the Okanagan Valley!
  8. Montreal (Population: 1,912,837) Top ten cities in Canada
  9. Vancouver (Population: 1,702,588) This city has been ranked as the sixth most livable and best place to live in Canada for two years running. It is a major city with great access to other cities and countries, especially for those working in the tech sector.
  10. Grande Prairie (Population: 69,000) This city has grown rapidly over the last few years and is becoming a more important part of the Canadian economy. It also boasts low crime rates which are excellent qualities for any area.11.  Edmonton (Population: 1,346,907) The capital of Alberta has seen its population grow at a steady rate and is becoming a major economic hub within the region.
  11. Victoria (Population: 85,500) The capital city of British Columbia has seen a rise in the number of tourists visiting over the last few years. This has helped boost the local economy and sustain its growing population.

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