Top Emerging Jobs in Canada This Year

It’s no secret that many people are concerned about the future. With the rise in automation, it is likely that many jobs will be replaced by machines in the coming years. But don’t let this news get you down – if you have the right mindset, there are plenty of opportunities for you to succeed long term. To know more about these emerging jobs and how they may change Canada’s workforce, read on!

Emerging Jobs in Canada

Machine Operators

There are many jobs that may be replaced by machines, but this doesn’t mean that human labour is obsolete. On the contrary, workers are still needed to maintain and monitor these machines. Machine operators will be the ones monitoring computer systems to ensure that they are effective and efficient. For example, if a machine is meant to stamp out widgets at a breathing rate of 1,000 per hour but is only producing 500 widgets per hour, it’s up to machine operators to use their technical know-how to figure out how to improve this system.


If you are interested in working with your hands, welding may be an option for you. Welding is one of the most common professions requiring manual labor. Welders need to know how to use a welder and how to weld different materials, which include metal, plastic and even glass. It’s also important that welders know the importance of making sure that their alignment and gauge settings are right before welding starts.


While welding may sound similar to carpentry, it’s actually two different professions. Carpenters do maintenance and renovations on buildings with woods while welders tend to be involved in more industrial-related projects such as creating ironwork or creating an electronic fitting for a home or office building. Carpenters are often called upon to build things from scratch or fix things on a construction site.

Automation and Automation Experts

In the past, most thought of automation as a good thing because it allowed people to have more time to spend with their families and learn how to do more things. However, with the rise of automation, many people are worried about the future. They fear that there just won’t be enough jobs available for their bosses or co-workers in the coming years. Some have even gone so far as to claim that all jobs will be replaced by machines within 30 years. But don’t panic if you are skilled in this area. There are still many opportunities to work with machines and maintain them.

If you’re into the technical side of automation, then this career may be right up your alley. Automation experts help companies get the most out of their machines and systems so that they can be more efficient and productive. They need to understand how their machines work, what parts should be replaced and how to get them running at peak performance.

Financial Advisors

When it comes to money, people are always looking for advice on what they should do with their money. They are often referred to as financial advisors because they will help guide them towards the right strategy to take when making investments or planning for their financial future. They don’t necessarily have to be licensed professionals but they should have some background in finance.


People who work in architecture are responsible for designing homes, offices, stores and other structures. They also need to be knowledgeable in drafting and construction. Architects participate in the planning stages of a project as well as creating drawings and designs for those projects.

Data Entry Workers

Data entry workers can be found assisting others to enter data into spreadsheets, word processing programs and databases. Many of these workers will process large amounts of data such as address changes, medical information or social security numbers. They use special software to genre information into databases that may then be used by companies or government agencies.

Human Resources Managers

Human resources managers are responsible for managing the hiring and firing of employees in their institutions. They also plan out schedules and make sure that staff members are working efficiently for their employers. Human resources managers are heavily involved with making sure employee’s needs and rights are met and that they feel like they’re part of a team.

Lawyers (Contract and Legal)

Because of the fast-paced nature of our society, we need lawyers to ensure we’re all protected and know what we’re doing. A contract lawyer, for example, will make sure that this agreement between you and your client or friend is legal by looking over their contract as well as reviewing your contract as well as evaluate the legality of any documents. They may also be consulting on some type of legal issues such as divorce, adoption or children custody battles.

Writers and Editors

For those who enjoy writing, editing or proofreading text, this career path may be perfect for you. You may vary your focus on writing, proofreading or content-editing depending on your interests and skill set. But most of all, you will want to ensure that the information is accurate and well-written by finding any errors or mistakes in it.

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