Unskilled Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

As an immigrant looking for a job, Canada is a great place to start. The country has welcomed immigrants with open arms since the beginning and the business culture is thriving on their abilities. With relatively easy access to immigrate in order to find work, Canada offers many opportunities to people who are looking for a new home with good future prospects.

Although Canada is one of the world’s largest sources of skilled immigrants, it is also big in accepting unskilled immigrants too. If you are looking for a home where you can enjoy a higher standard of living, then Canada is the perfect country for you. Wages are kept high in order to attract immigrants for its workforce and they continue to rise with time.

Job prospects are excellent for skilled immigrants who have applied and been accepted into the country; however, there are many opportunities available for unskilled workers too. Because Canada has so many opportunities, you could find a lot of jobs here even if you don’t have any skills. You could opt for jobs like becoming a fruit picker, work at a construction site, and so on.

With many companies looking to hire more staff, it is no surprise that Canadians have taken a liking to hire skilled immigrants as well as promoting diversity within their workforce. This doesn’t mean that unskilled immigrants will be left out.

If you’re new to Canada, one of the first things you’ll have to figure out is what skills you can offer employers here. This often means that hefting a pile of resumés on your first foray into the job market in a new country can be an overwhelming experience.

It’s important to note that even if you don’t have any job offers, it’s unlikely employers will just let you walk out the door without giving it a shot and seeing whether there might be room for negotiation on hours or duties. That’s why we’ve put together this list of unskilled jobs in Canada for immigrants—to give newcomers some pointers about gatekeeping opportunities at home and abroad.

Unskilled Jobs in Canada

Presently, the Canadian Government is in urgent need of unskilled labor. The exciting part of these jobs is that the average salary of unskilled workers in Canada is very attractive, the minimum wage with the average salary surpasses $20,000 annually.

Based on employment professionals, Canada is going through a serious labor shortage across the nation. The majority of these positions are skilled positions, there are a huge number of vacancies in certain Unskilled jobs in Canada for immigrants, they include 38,000 construction job vacancies, 45,900 hospitality job vacancies, more than 50,000 retail job vacancies, and numerous driving jobs in Canada, which includes truck driver and taxi driver jobs.

These unskilled jobs for immigrants will be extremely beneficial to new immigrants who are searching for jobs in the country. The number of these unskilled jobs available in Canada keeps increasing at an alarming rate. Factory jobs are the most popular and appealing for foreigners since the skills required are too low.

The Canadian Government is intending to bring in over one million immigrants as unskilled laborer’s to fill in the vacant unskilled positions in Canada. locals or citizens are not recruited for these jobs, it is actually the best opportunity for you to apply.

The vacancy of these unskilled jobs is constantly increasing these days. Numerous agricultural and manufacturing companies are employing unskilled labor in Canada.

Below are available jobs in Canada for unskilled workers.

General Farm Worker 670
Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) 230
Chefs/Cooks 120
Food Processing Worker 240
Supermarket Staffs 160
Room Attendant 425
Housekeeper 380
Live-in Caregiver 135
Factory Helper 780
Construction Worker 1270
Cleaner 500
Fish Cutter 140
Dishwasher 120
Food Counter Attendant 55
Truck Driver 45
Farm Laborer 670
Helper 180
Bakery Production Worker 120
Meat Cutter/Butcher 65
Kitchen Helpers 150
Poultry Farm Worker 290
Gas Station Worker 150
Warehouse Worker 50
Cloth Factory Worker 780
Cashier 120
Receptionist 325
Fruit Picker 1050
Seasonal Farm Worker 1050
Crop Harvesting Worker 600
Gardner                                       125


Note that only representative employment opportunities are given in the above section. There are numerous recruiting firms in Canada that give out excellent consulting services to international job seekers finding employment as unskilled employers.

If you are seeking to migrate to Canada to get these jobs, the best method to come to Canada is to apply for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. The Temporary Foreign Worker Program offers various benefits to unskilled and semi-skilled workers.

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