In a video that surfaced online, a newly employed housemaid is caught on camera attempting to strangle the life out of her colleague on their work premises.

In the video the maid in question is seen combating her colleague who did not suspect her intentions.

Sharing the video, the narrator emphasized the need for security consciousness within and outside a known household.

This was sent in a few days ago.
In the CCTV video, a new maid is seen trying to suffocate a colleague.
Yar aji got a new maid, unknown to her she came with a mission.
This is 4 days after she was employed.
Yar aji sent us a picture of the culprit for yan aji to be weary and vigilant.
She just got sacked and might be looking for a job in Abuja.
Mark the face please.
ALLAH ya sa mu dace.

She was sacked for fighting but daga baya a ka kalli video din aka ga me ya faru,” the narrator wrote.

Watch the video below …

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