Husband of the woman that made suicidal posts on Facebook reveals the cause

The Anambra State police command has rescued Ifeoma Blossom Obiora after she left a suicidal posts on Facebook.

Ifeoma posts showed she was in so much pain and this got many people worried about her well-being. A woman based NGO, who first reached out to her, said Ifeoma was married off at 15 and has been subjected to emotional and physical abuse from her husband, Onyebuchi Obiora, for many years.

Haruna Mohammed, the spokesperson of the state police command, said the police investigated and found out it was a marital issue and have since referred it to the state’s Ministry of Women Affairs.

We have investigated the matter. It is a civil matter and we have handed it over to the Ministry of Women Affairs. It is marital problem.

The man is alleging that the woman is in the habit of using her handset constantly even at night when she is with him and that it makes him to be jealous. He said she was always chatting, always calling and that it makes him angry and that when he talks to her about it, she starts to abuse him.

The woman also said the man was always very aggressive. We discovered that it was a marital affair so we handed them over to the Ministry of Women Affairs for counselling.” Harina told LIB

The spokesperson said the husband was never arrested as the case is a civil matter.

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