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“I Can’t date a man that does not beat me” – Nigerian lady (video)


“I Can’t date a man that does not beat me” – Nigerian lady (video)

Lives are not the same and so people cherish different things. what others see as a bad habit is what a Nigerian lady has declared she can’t do with such.

A young Nigerian lady has been spotted on camera giving a piece of strange relationship advice to ladies. The lady advised women that if they are dating a man that does not beat them once in a while he has no love for them.

According to her, she can never date a man that does not beat her. She said if he does not beat her it is fake love.

In the video, she added that if she does something wrong he should beat her. She claimed that if he does not do so after she does something wrong it means what she did did not annoy him.

She added that it also means that he does not care for her or love her the way he claims. The lady also complained about how people called her out for previously giving the advice.

We came across the video after it was shared on Twitter by a user identified as @therealdotun


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