Ice Prince condemns artistes that pay girls to twerk n*de on Instagram live

Some Nigerian celebrity singers and rappers now pay girls totwerk n*de on their Instagram live video.

Following this, Nigerian talented rapper, Ice Prince has reacted to that and condemned such act.

Ice Prince commended the nice dance steps the girls make but for the fact that they are n*ked doesn’t worth it.

The rapper pointed out that his son always play with his mummy’s phone and may accidentally see such imoral act on Instagram.

He wrote..

All this my guys that are letting girls twerk with Sex toys on their IG Live… Pls na my G, I have a son that is not even 10yrs old yet.. sometimes he plays with his Mummy’s phone and you never know what app his finger might press on that phone !!!!

The Dancing is cool but some of them are literally Phucking themselves on your Live, Why TF ???

To think that you are even giving away money on this internet to these girls to act a fool my guy…. You weak me gan. i am Flabawhelmed and overgasted !!!!!!!!

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