A Nigerian lady has taken to social media express her heartbreak over how a friend defrauded her by using her BVN and account number to obtain a loan from a microfinance bank under the guise of COVID-19 money.

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Read her story below ;

Pls I need help on what to do. I can’t pay for the money I didn’t eat ooo
Last year march 2021, a very good friend came to my house and told me that federal government is given out covid 19 funds to people I asked her how much she said #400.000k then i asked her is it a loan? She said NO. Then I said how can that be just like that,she showed me the money in her account that she has collected and all her family members and some friends have collected theirs too.

Then she said that she needed my account number and bvn, I didn’t buy the idea but she convinced me being my friend.

Fast forward to July 2021 I got an alert of #379, 200.00. Imediately there was alot calls coming into my phone that the money have entered I said yes not the amount they told which is #400,000k, then my friend told me that bank collected #20800k.

She also told me to send #130,000k to the agent that worked out the money then I asked her again I hope this is not a loan, she said NO that she can’t deceive me. I became afraid and sent only #120,000k, my friend called me and told to sent the remaining#10,000k which I did and I also give my friend #5000k. The only money I eat out of it #245,200.00 which am ready to pay back.

Three days ago I got a message from NIRSAL microfinance bank to start repayment on the loan I took .. hmmm I become surprised because I never heard about NIRSAL LOAN and It was when I researched about the bank that I found out I was lied to and also scammed. Please what do I do in this situation ..not only me we are many they collected bvn and accts.
How do I go about this pls.”


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