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Lockdown: Police officer shoots a man protesting the assault on his neighbor in Port Harcourt (watch video)


Lockdown: Police officer shoots a man protesting the assault on his neighbor in Port Harcourt (watch video)

A Nigerian Police officer in a video being shared on social media, aiming and shooting at a man who was protesting the assault of his neighbour by a team of police.

In the video shared, the police officer who was with his team mates corked his gun at a man who stood in front of his gate, speaking up against how his neighbour was being assaulted by the team.

Policeman shoots, pursue man protesting his neighbour’s assault in PortHarcourt (Video)

Immediately the gun was corked, the man ran into his gate, only for the Police officer to run to the gate, aiming and shooting at the man. He fired atleast one shot, unknown to his that someone was recording the incident.

The incident is said to have occurred in PortHarcourt, Rivers state.

We are unable to confirm whether the man was hit by the bullet or not.

Watch the video below.

See some reactions to the video below.

Weapons in the hands of lawless criminals in uniform – @alfatunde

I don’t know what kind of cop we have that doesn’t think, 1 they are bad addressing people, how can you shoot within un armed people… He neefs to fired the same way he fired the gun – @murphine9066

Even when there’s COVID19 outside and Hunger inside, Nigerian Police won’t let us know peace. See as He opened fire like he’s aimed at a Bokoharam terrorist. And he has a family Broken heartBroken heart – @AsiwajuLerry

People are acting surprised by this ?? Same Nigerian police that will shoot you for living a “good “ life by wearing good clothes and using iPhone ,they feel threatened seeing any young person living the life they dreamt of useless set of people ,.. tuehh – @Dehkunle

I don’t know which other country in the world that has got a police force display brutality, incompetence, ignorance, stupidity, arrogancy, madness irresponsible acts, and so untrained, uncivilized and uneducated as the Representatives of that video. I stand to be corrected. – @MarkUsoroh

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