Man caught in a supermarket with stolen items around his waist (Photos)

An unidentified young man has been caught in a supermarket after he laced his waist with stolen Titus sardines.

A Facebook user, Segun Availeth, who posted the story on his timeline, said the young man was pretending to be shopping before the attendant noticed something very unusual around the man’s waist.

When he was confronted to lift up his shirt, they found six tins of sardines hanging around his underwear.

He wrote;

He visited a supermarket with a tiny waist, after strolling round the supermarket looking for what to lift, his waist grew bigger, then the attendant was inquisitive to know what vitamin he must have taken in the supermarket that resulted to the waist boosting, only for them to discover it was an artificial waist floated by sardines.”

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