A video shared online captures the moment Award-winning American legendary rapper, Lil Wayne could not know his own lyrics.

Lil Wayne

In the video, Wayne was having an interactive session with his fans during an interview and female fan took up  the mic and sang one of his songs.

Lil Wayne who enjoyed the flow and vibes the fan was giving commended her and asked her to vibe on. He then said he has never heard the lyrics before and was asking if that’s his song.

The audience could just hold back their amazement and immediately busted into laughter but Lil kept asking if he own the lyrics.

Watch the video below…

See some reactions from net users below……..

rawswaggerWe’ve reached a time where lil Wayne needs explained to youngns..this is really age depressing…ain’t no way we this old 😂😂😂😂😂

thedanielleyoungShe been waiting her whole life and he just shrugging 😂😂😂

mackdiddymikeIf you know Wayne he doesn’t write down his raps he goes off the dome.

tati_rashaan_Wayne already said he don’t write shit down so I’m not shocked lol

chris.verdeBro so legendary that he forget his own legendary shit 😭🔥

ron62677777He’s written so much and spot so much from off the top of the Dome …. I wouldn’t even remember my name if I was him 😂

lostmoonchild___Youngins don’t know Wayne don’t write em down it’s straight off the dome !

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