Mother of the young man killed at Lekki toll gate Shooting speaks (Video)

Mother of the young Nigerian killed at Lekki toll gate shooting has spoken up following the death of her son.

Speaking via a recent video, the grieving mother of the man identified as Anthony, lamented over her son’s death and cursed those who have a hand in his death. She also thanked his friends for picking him up after he was shot.

In her words;

I never knew that Anthony had so much friends like this. I want to thank his friends for picking him up when he was shot, If not for his friends, maybe the soldiers who picked up other corpses would have picked him up and said nobody died.

Those children saw when Anthony was running with gunshot wounds. They stayed with him. Some of them fell under vehicles. For God sake, Nigeria, President Buhari, I cannot fathom what just happened. A lot of our children killed and you have the effrontery to come out and look the whole world to say that nobody died. Mad death befall all of you.

All of them have sneaked out of the country. If you think you have private jet to sneak out of the country at the expense of the poor people. This wealth belongs to all of us. You’ve taken so much blood. From your SARS to the police to the soldiers, Killing innocent children.”

Speaking on how she found out that her son was a victim, she said;

“I was just at home, I just came back from hospital, I’ve been ill and I just saw the photos flying around. Nobody told me. I was like, this is Anthony’s picture. why’s his picture flying around? Let me try and confirm.

So I took his photo and I sent to my son who is in Russia studying. And he was like mummy it is true I did not want to tell you…. The government hasn’t called anybody. They are sticking to the fact that nobody died. If you can steal ordinary 5kg of rice and hide it, you people are evil”, she lamented.

Watch the video below;


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