SAD! Lady dies after she fell from a 115-foot cliff while taking pictures to celebrate end of lockdown

A woman has plunged 115-foot from a cliff to her death while she was posing for a picture to celebrate the end of the coronavirus lockdown in Turkey.

The woman identified as Olesya Suspitsyna, from Kazakhstan, was posing to take a picture in front of her female friend in the tourist city of Antalya in the south-west the country when she fell to her death.

The happened after the government lifted the coronavirus quarantine in the city on Sunday.

She was said to have gone for a walk in an area known for its scenic waterfalls when she decided to take a daring photo on the edge of a cliff with the waterfalls in the background. The 31-year-old climbed over the safety fence and started posing for the image in front of her friend.

Olesya was said to have slipped on the grass, lost her balance and dropped off the 115-foot (35-metre) cliff to her death, according to reports.

Terrified, her friend who was not named called emergency services.

Olesya’s body was found and pulled out of the water by local rescuers. Turkish police investigated have now concluded it was an accident, the victim’s relatives said.

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