Photo of a student going to school with a stove frame to be used as chair in class sparks outrage online

A student has been spotted going to school with a stove frame to be used as chair in class.

The viral photo of the student with the kerosene stove frame to be used as a chair in class has sparked outrage online.

In the picture, the student who by her size is assumed to be a primary school pupil, is seen walking to school with what she takes everyday to school as her own “chair”.

The schoolgirl is spotted holding her school bag in one hand and the furnace tank of a kerosene stove in her other hand.

Twitter user Onyeoma Bold shared the photo to Twitter and wrote, “While running this morning I saw this child going to school with this as sitting stool, this is 2020 and this can’t be happening!!

Nigerians on Twitter have expressed disappoints at the country’s school system while reacting to the viral picture.

Some social media users claimed that the incident happened in Ebonyi state and it’s not unusual to see such in the state.

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