“The goal is to be successful, not to look successful – Yul Edochiel to social media addicts

Popular Nollywood actor and aspiring president of Nigerian, Yul Edochie has dished out a plate of advice to youths who are addicted to social media.

Yul Edochie

Taking to his Twitter handle, the highly-rated movie star, expressed how displeased he is with the way social media networks are affecting the youths negatively.

Yul Edochie stressed that the social media space comprises a whole lot of people showing off and flaunting riches, even when they don’t have much of it.

He added that it is this lavish lifestyle that is portrayed by individuals that make youths compete unnecessarily, not to be successful, but to look successful.

In his words;

Many youths are under a lot of pressure these days. Sadly it’s not pressure to achieve.
But pressure to look like they are achieving. And social media is largely responsible for it.
Take it easy. Avoid competition. The goal is to be successful, not to look successful.”

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