Two students of the Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin reportedly died in a fatal road accident on Sunday, February 20.


The accident which occurred along the Ilorin International Airport road at about 8:00 am also claimed the life of a pregnant woman.

A coursemate, Eemm Aanuel identified the two students as Kofo and Seun.

So I lost two of my course mates yesterday in the accident that took place along airport road Ilorin… still feels like a dream tho. I really haven’t come to terms with the fact you’re both gone just like that it makes me want to question God and ask him why?” he wrote.

Why did you both have to answer the call of death? why did your dreams about the future have to end? why did it have to be this way?….but I can’t and i know he has his reasons

“We all congratulated ourselves for finally finishing 300L and now becoming final year students not knowing y’all weren’t going to finish the journey with us.

“Rest in peace Kofo. Rest in peace Seun. We loved you but God loves you most. Till we meet again i say goodbye and goodnight to you guys.




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