Watch momemt #EndSars protesters ‘saved’ driver who was about to be extorted by a police officer

A set of #EndSARS protesters have proudly rescued a helpless driver who was about to be extorted by a police officer.

A video trending online captured the moment #EndSARS protesters ran into the policeman who was about extorting the driver and together with one voice, they asked him to come out of the car and leave.

In the viral video, a police officer who had hopped into the front seat of a vehicle and was allegedly trying to extort the driver, was busted moment some protesters passing by saw him and began asking what the driver did.

What did he do? You must tell us what he did”, the protesting crowd were heard asking the officer who was comfortably seated as though he were a passenger.

When he could not tell what offence the driver committed, the crowd asked him to get out of the vehicle with immediate effect and asked the driver to “drive in peace”.

And with his head bowed in shame and disgrace, the policeman walked away;

Watch video below;

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