“What is Erica? is it a new pandemic or an animal” – Angry lady blasts Nigerians for making Erica a trend (Watch Video)

A Nigerian lady has blasted Nigerians for ignoring the important issues facing the country and focusing their attention on disqualified Big Brother Naija housemate, Erica.

In a video which she shared on social media, she said;

Please what is Erica? I have been hearing Erica Erica everywhere. Please is it a new pandemic? Or is it an airborne disease that just broke out? Or is it an animal? Wait ooo…Is it a new “ororo” that Dangote just produced and people are trying to advertise?

Maybe I will also buy because it will be good to fry plantain. Why are we doing this to ourselves? I don’t understand. What should be in everybody’s mouth is the high electricity tariff and fuel subsidy. This is bad. Nigerian youths why are you killing yourselves?

Big Brother Naija is a three months waste of time. Do you know what it means to waste three months in your life? Some people spent more than N20,000 on voting but they are suffering. Shey you dey mad ni? Now they have opened GoFundMe for Erica. Are you guys crazy?

Watch the video below;


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